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100% $ALE$ Growth Program!

Your Blueprint for Success!

Purpose of this Program is specifically designed for any business owner or sales person who wants to Double his/her individual or business sales productivity.

Our Program consists of 10 SESSIONS Plus a BONUS Program

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Each topic will help you increase your sales. However, each topic is part of a system. It is the system that is most valuable and will help you achieve 100% sales growth.

That system is called an Integrated Marketing/Sales System and integrates THE FOUR Key Marketing and Sales Elements.

When working together THE FOUR Marketing/Sales Elements are designed to:

  1. Increase Your Brand Awareness
  2. Stimulate Buying Interest in your P/S Package(s)
  3. Produce Trial/Sales
  4. Improve Your Customer Retention

Thus, our Logo:


However, the best marketing/sales system is an Integrated Marketing/Sales System (IMS2).

Why? It provide crucial benefits – SEVEN bottomline marketing/sales results PLUS FOUR business building results. 

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Benefits of an IMS2

 Our Integrated Marketing System2 (IMS2) bottomline results include:

  • Increasing Your Brand Awareness and Creating Greater Visibility
  • Strengthening Your Industry Credibility
  • Stimulating Increased Buying Interest
  • Generating More Qualified Leads
  • Producing More Trial/Sales
  • Enhancing Your Customer Retention Ratio

A customer also obtains FOUR Major Business Building results:

  • Leverage Your Existing Marketing Actions, thus reducing your costs
  • Improving Your Profitability
  • Accelerating Your Long Term Growth
  • Fortify Your Competitive Advantage

Skeptical?  Of course! However, just consider the value of any system over any of it individual parts. The system is designed to make everything work together.

An automobile – consists of many sub-systems (electrical, drive train, suspension, climate control, etc.) all working together to produce more than transportation. What is the value of a drive train by itself? It still has value, but much less than when it is part of the auto.

A hospital – consists of many sub-systems (intake and data collection, testing and diagnosis, treatment and care, food delivery, physical plant maintenance, etc.) all working together to produce more than health care.

We hope the reason you are planning to work thru this Program is to learn how to create and use an IMS2 of your own, to produce most or all of the results and benefits above.

Watch our FREE Program Introduction and Overview

Why Start Working with YNS & Adapting or Adopting Our IMS2?

YNS reach is world-wide. We work with Business Owners, Marketing Managers, Business Development Managers, for individuals building their own brand or others who are looking for increased marketing effectiveness AND increased ROI on their marketing dollars.

By working thru this program your team will be able to help you redeploy some of your existing marketing dollars and produce more IDEAL CU$Tomers for your business.

Thus, you not only obtain value from your initial investment, but you leverage our knowledge and our very effective Integrated Marketing/Sales System (IMS2), to obtain improved results.

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Watch our FREE Program Introduction and Overview

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