Session 02: How to Leverage Your Marketing Elements

You want to get the SEVEN advantages an Integrated Marketing System can produce. You also often hear the term leverage used in business publications and want to know how to use this principle in your business. The focus of this session will tell you what leverage is and how to use it.

Based on the concepts and action plans we provided in session #1, we will help you develop specific goals and action plans designed to help you produce these results and others you may desire.


  • What is Leverage?
  • What Can You Leverage?
    • Leveraging Awareness Activities
    • Leveraging Interest Building Activities
    • Leveraging Trial/Sale Activities
    • Leveraging Retention Activities
  • Action Steps We Recommend

The 100% $ALE$ Growth Program is specifically designed for any business owner or sales person who wants to Double his/her individual or business sales productivity.

Our Program consists of 10 Session Topics Plus ONE BONUS Program

  • Each Topic is presented as a stand-alone session and can be beneficial individually.
  • To facilitate your planning and action steps, each Topic includes Worksheets
  • Just determine the appropriate action steps from each session and start implementing them.
  • Each Session consists of a Text Workbook and an Explanatory Video.

Each Topic is part of a system. It is the system that is most valuable and will help you achieve 100% sales growth. That system is called an Integrated Marketing/Sales System and integrates THE FOUR Key Marketing and Sales Elements. Thus, you not only obtain value from your initial investment, but you leverage our knowledge and our very effective Integrated Marketing System, to obtain improved results.