Session 03: Get the Power of Product/Service Packaging – Parts 1 & 2

You see what computer/smartphone companies are doing as they bundle more and more products together. You believe this method of adding value will help you sell larger Product/Service Packages and you want some insight about how to do this most effectively.

Product/Service Packaging has implications for marketing planners who must determine packaging formats, make branding decisions, identify pricing and appropriate niches, etc. It is also important for sales staff, customer service reps and operational personnel who deal with customers. You want some insight about how to do this most effectively.


Product/Service (P/S) Packaging Has Significance for Your Business

  • Product/Service (P/S) Definition
  • Strategic Importance
  • Product Orientation
  • Service Orientation
  • Product/Service Package Implications
  • Sell More Packages More Effectively
  • Gain A Competitive Advantage
  • What Are The Key Questions that Must Be Answered?

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