Individual Support

If you want to accelerate your progress, consider working with us on an individual basis. We offer both coaching and consulting. We will determine a mutually agreed upon schedule.


Someone you talk with on a regular basis to discuss ongoing issues and/or respond to questions, concerns, challenges, problems, etc. (i.e. someone to react based on his expertise, with some prior preparation.) THE COACH FOLLOWS THE LEAD OF THE CLIENT WHO SETS THE AGENDA – to follow-up from earlier discussions and/or focus on future directions and goals, BUT THE CLIENT IS RESPONSIBLE FOR IMPLEMENTATION.

A Coach says: “My job is to support you to get the maximum effectiveness out of yourself.”


Someone you meet with and work with on a regular basis to improve your business in one or more specific areas (i.e. someone who is both REACTIVE and PROACTIVE based on his expertise.) To be most effective the Consultant is often required to prepare materials or action plans prior to or after a discussion. In some regards the Consultant is a “TEMPORARY EXECUTIVE” responsible for providing both advice and producing results.

  • Responds to questions, concerns, issues, challenges, problems, etc. Of course, you may change or alter the focus as time passes.
  • SHARES THE RESPONSIBILITY TO LEAD THE MEETING – sets the agenda, prepares materials before a discussion or as the result of a discussion.
  • MAY HELP YOU IMPLEMENT CERTAIN ACTIONS – negotiating a contract or making an important sales call, lead a training session, etc.

A Consultant says: “What do you want to accomplish? I can help you marshal the resources and develop the skills to do it.”

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